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Your budget…

…will consist of the villa rent plus the 3 G's

  • Groceries
  • Gratuities
  • Ground Transportation

The Villa Rent

This buys you exclusive use of the fully-staffed villa and all amenities that come with it as described on each villa page. Rates are based on double occupancy per bedroom.

  • High Season: December 15 to mid-April (generally April 15)
  • Low season: Mid-April to December 14 (generally starts April 16)
  • *April dates depend on Easter holiday dates each year
  • See rental rates for all villas


Food, glorious food, is yet another reason thousands of people choose the villa vacation. The Jamaica Villas by Linda Smith Gourmet Cuisine Cooking Course was started in 2004 to raise the bar on everyday menus, and our chefs brilliantly rose to the challenge! 

A typical grocery budget is $55-$65 per adult per day and $25 per day for preteens. This may vary up or down depending on market prices and menus. If you request shrimp, lobster, imported beef or large quantities of other food items, this estimate will increase. Your cook will pre-purchase your first few meals, pantry staples and a small starter bar (a few bottles of Red Stripe, moderately-priced wine and rum). Additional alcohol requests will increase your budget.

If you wish to go to the various markets with your cook, you are welcome. Otherwise, simply review with her your tastes and distastes and she'll handle it all while you stay at the villa and relax. At week's end, she will present receipts and reconcile your account. [Note: A few villas have higher food and beverage budgets.] We cannot accept prepayment for groceries or staff gratuities at Tryall Club villas. Please be prepared to pay for your groceries with cash or credit cards and to tip your villa staff and driver with cash. They will welcome both US and Jamaican dollars.

Estimating grocery costs is not a science. Much depends on the menus you want and current market prices. Obviously, this is a variable so anticipate that your cook may refund money at week's end... or ask you for more money mid-week.  In either case, your cook or chef will reconcile your food and beverage bill at week's end.

On your first day at the villa, your cook will meet with you regarding menus for the week, then finish the week's shopping.  At that time, you will give her cash for your food and drink plus her $60 taxi fare.  Plan to pay for your groceries and gratuities in cash.  Both USDollars and JADollars are welcomed.  Alternatively, if one or more of you wish to go to the supermarket with your cook, you may use your credit card.  (Stores will not accept your card from your cook if you are not present with her.)  Roadside vendors of fresh fruits and produce will require cash.

Additional Guests

Additional guests attract additional charges. This fee is waived for infants under 6 months of age.

Most villas charge $30 per night for each additional guest.
The following are exceptions.

A Summer Place on the Beach$50 per night
Allamanda$50 per night
Amanoka on Discovery Bay$150 per night
Canoe Cove on the Beach$100 per night
Coral Cove Villa on the Beach$35 per night
Fortlands Point on the Beach$100 per night
Greatview$50 per night
Hidden Bay by the Sea$100 per night
Keela Wee on Discovery Bay$100 per night
Makana on Discovery Bay$100 per night
Malatai on the Beach$50 per night
Scotch on the Rocks$100 per night
Seven Seas on the Beach$35 per night ($250 per week)
Sugar Bay on Discovery Bay$210 per night
Summerland on Round Hill$50 per night
Whispering Waters on Discovery Bay$100 per night

Drambule Estate, 5 bedrooms

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