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Dear Travel Partners,

Welcome! We appreciate your business and are happy to commission you for each villa rental.

To help you organize your client's record, use our PDF questionnaire. Fill out the PDF, save it, and email a copy to linda@jamaicavillas.com. If you prefer, you may print and fax the form to 407-551-1797

To ensure that your clients' requests are met, we must have this form in hand no less than 3 weeks prior to travel date. Requests received later may not be honored.

  • Arrival Date Airline + Flight # Arrival Time MBJ Passenger(s)
  • Departure Date Airline + Flight # Departure Time MBJ Passenger(s)
    • Montego Bay is MBJ. Rates are around trip from MBJ to villas.

      1-4 passengers$100 round trip to Montego Bay villas
      Each additional passenger$16 round trip to Montego Bay villas
      1-4 passengers$180 round trip to Discovery Bay villas
      Each additional passenger$40 round trip to Discovery Bay villas
      1-4 passengers$180 round trip to Runaway Bay villas
      Each additional passenger$40 round trip to Runaway Bay villas
      1-4 passengers$240 round trip to Ocho Rios villas
      Each additional passenger$50 round trip to Ocho Rios villas

      Guest count exceeding 7 passengers + luggage requires a second van + additonal transfer fee. Pay for driver services with final villa payment. Please tip your driver locally. See our complete Ground Transportation info.

    • (Double occupancy per room)

    •   Names Children's Ages
      Bedroom 1
      Bedroom 2
      Bedroom 3
      Bedroom 4
      Bedroom 5
    • The villa cook will pre-purchase the first few meals, pantry staples and a small starter bar (a few bottles of Red Stripe, moderately-priced wine and rum). Additional alcohol requests will increase their budget. On arrival day, the cook will meet with your clients regarding menus for the week before finishing the week's shopping. At that time, they must fund her for their groceries plus her $60 taxi fare. Advise clients to pay their cook in U.S. dollars. You may wish to download our PDF food & beverage pre-stock form.

    • If there are food allergies, please describe in the box below. If there are no food allergies, leave it blank.

  • Advise your client to pay locally. Nanny Rates: $10 per hr. Day rates vary.

    • Enter the number of nannies requested or 0 for none.

  • Advise your client to pay locally for cribs, high chairs or cots. Rental costs usually run under $10 per day.

  • Dogs
    Some of our properties have dogs on the premises. Make sure to ask us, and advise your clients.

    Phone Numbers
    Please make sure to give your client these crucial numbers:
    Ken Smythe, our head driver (876) 772-3631

    Check In and Check out
    Please make sure to advise your client:
    Most Villas: Check-in time is 1:00 p.m. Check-out time is 11:00 a.m. on departure day.
    Tryall Club villas: Check-in time is 3:00 p.m. Check-out time is 12:00 p.m.

    Villa Vacation Details
    Please make sure your client gets a copy of our PDF Villa Vacation Details.
    Also, our Budget Page has crucial details to help you and your client plan the trip.

  • Do you have any further questions? We'll give you the answers right away!


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