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Dear Journalist:

Just outside Washington D.C. is a company that has had such an impact on the country of Jamaica, (famous for jerk seasoning and Caribbean sunshine) that when Linda’s name is said on this island, people listen, move and generally get things done in a hurry. Linda Smith is President and CEO of Jamaica Villas by Linda Smith, a company representing more than 90 private fully-staffed villas in Jamaica.

Jamaica Villas by Linda Smith began more than 28 years ago after Linda purchased an old beachfront house in Jamaica ( Tranquillity ) and commenced a nine-month renovation, at the conclusion of which she began to offer it for rentals. The following year, Linda built her second villa ( Serenity ) on an adjacent waterfront acre. Soon friends began consulting her for advice on their homes’ décor and design, staff and service. Shortly thereafter, Linda began her business, which has grown like topsy ever since.

But Linda Smith has done much more for Jamaica than manage luxurious villas – she has provided a Third World country with more than 500 jobs enabling people to send their children to school, put much-needed roofs over their heads and feed their families, who at one time may have had little hope for anything better. In Jamaica, families stick close together and if one member of the family is employed, chances are that income trickles down to many relatives – aunts, uncles, grandparents and especially to children for education and health care.

Prior to leaving for Jamaica on her twice yearly extended stays to renovate villas and train staffs, Linda packs bags filled with shoes, toys, clothes, watches, backpacks and anything she thinks staff members may need. She even sourced and carried down a 1978 Ford Truck Motor so the husband of one of her cooks could continue his delivery business. Her loyalty to Jamaican staff and their families runs deep and the feeling is mutual.

More than 5,000 guests, mostly from the United States, Canada and the UK visit Linda’s villas each year. They return home with indelible memories and affection for their Jamaican staff. Guests and staff become like family for their one or two-week visit. Typically, guests return to their specific villa year after year. 

Business is good. The villa vacation draws 3-generation families back year after year because of its easy life style, luxury, comfort, safety and fabulous food!

Please let me know whether you might be interested in a story regarding Linda or about the wonderful Jamaicans who make these villas so popular to visit. We will be happy to arrange a trip so you can experience villa life for yourself. Please visit our website for more information at www.jamaicavillas.com.

Warm regards,

Willie Fernandez
VP, Marketing

Established in 1985, Jamaica Villas by Linda Smith represents more than 90 private villas on Jamaica's lush north coast, dubbed "the Jamaican Riviera." Linda is known for her private staffed villas featuring gourmet meals.

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